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Contact Sensei Peter Carbone
8586 Napier Rd
     Northville, Mi 48168

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Basic Aspects

1. The preservation of classical weapons kata in its true original nature.

2. Old style weapons training and its relationship to empty hand technique.

3. Education, Legitimate Ranking, Title, Authorization.

4. The sport aspect without changing kata, keeping performance in its true nature for combat, as originally intended.

5. Weapons Connection Society trips.

6. Weapons curriculum, building the student body through diversity.

7. Bringing martial artists closer though the common goal of original old style weapons training.

8. Over 50 weapons kata and 16 weapons.


Membership Incentives

1. Opportunity to learn specific Kata and curriculum, attend special camps and training sessions.

2. Official Kobujutsu Rank System Certification.
* Kobujutsu Kyu Ranks from Ku-Kyu to Ichi-Kyu
* Kobujutsu Dan Ranks from Sho-Dan to Ku-Dan
(All WCS members must go through the education rank system.)

 3. Official Kobujutsu Licensed Titles System Certification.
* Assistant Instructor
* Advanced Assistant Instructor
* Instructor Certification
* Shihan Acknowledgment (Yon Dan)
* Teacher Title - Renshi (Go Dan and Roku Dan)
Teacher Title - Kyoshi (Nana Dan and Hachi Dan)

 4. Travel Opportunities.

5.Discounts on Weaponry and Seminars, when available
(For WCS members only)

 Bringing Martial Artists and styles closer
through the common goal of old style weaponry study
and its relationship to empty hand technique.

Educate, Certify, Title, Authorization